Nov. 2017 Sager Brown

During the week of November 5-10, 2017, a team from Lakewood UMC served in the Sager Brown facility in Baldwin, LA. Our team of 19 volunteers worked with other volunteers, including people from Iowa, Arkansas, Washington state and Texas. We also served with an amazing permanent staff at Sager Brown, and three long-term volunteers.

At Sager Brown we worked on cleaning buckets, verifying the buckets donated from other churches. We opened all the donated cleaning buckets, removed items not on the approved list, rejected buckets with moldy contents, repacked everything, and put onto pallets. We also packed and verified hygiene kits. The pallets are shrink-wrapped and ready to ship to places in need. We took back to LUMC some “rejects” of soap, towels, sponges, and other items for use in our LUMC local ministries. What is shipped overseas is very specific, but everything is put to good use. In the sewing room, we made a skirt for the stage in the gym, and sewed and repaired school bags. Also we delivered a donation of heavy fabric from our Prayers and Squares ministry for sewing into school bags by other teams in the future. We unloaded two big semi-trucks full of boxes of donations collected in Iowa, and loaded a trailer with 19,488 birthing kits and 12,096 sewing kits headed out for Angola.

Off-campus, we visited, cleaned, and played Bingo at St. Jules apartments, toured The Bridge Teen Challenge, and peeled pecans at the Center of Hope. A volunteer construction crew built a ramp at a house. Our team worked together, worshipped together, prayed together, and played together (a swamp boat tour). Our week was truly one of service and joy.

Click here to see pictures from this mission.


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