2016 Mexico Mission

Lakewood sent a team to the border area to support the Manos Juntas Ministry (MJM) of the Methodist Church of Mexico.  Our team stayed at the MJM facility in Rio Bravo and spent our week at the Community Center in Vamos Tamaulipas that was established by MJM a few years ago.  During the week we were there school was in session and there were 60-70 children around every day.  We were so very blessed by our time in Mexico.

Our week was packed with meeting many sisters and brothers in Mexico, laughing, singing, fellowship, working, playing, praying, and sharing His love.  We worked on putting stucco on exterior walls, installing sheetrock on a ceiling, assembling school desks that were built and donated by a Boy Scout in our congregation, conducting a Bible School for the children, feeding ~200 hotdogs to kids and parents, playing games with the children, general clean up and repairs around the facility, and enjoying delicious authentic Mexican food 3 times every day.

We thank our families and Lakewood for supporting us with encouragement, prayers, finances, etc.  We thank Him who called us, who enabled us, and watched over us while we were away.  Gloria a Dios!!!

Click here to see a few pictures from this mission.


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