Flood Relief Mission To Lafayette Louisiana

A small team went to Lafayette to support the flood relief programs managed by the Acadiana District of the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. The team primarily worked on two houses that had been flooded in early August. We so enjoyed our time of work, fellowship, and prayer with the owners of each of these homes. We were blessed in each case by them and were captivated by their faith and how they are relying on Him as they persevere to restore their homes.

The team stayed at a local Methodist church and was treated like royalty, they were so hospitable and all the people we ran into there were extremely friendly and appreciative of our efforts. We were warmly greeted by the Jazzercise class one night, the Praise Band that was rehearsing one night, church staff and members, and the Pastor. Ladies from the church provided us 3 meals a day that was predominantly home cooked local cuisine, and we loved it!

We felt we were surrounded by angels at this church as well as at the homes where we worked. We were blessed by our time in Lafayette. We thank all the loving hearts at Covenant UMC, our families for supporting us as we were away, Lakewood UMC for making this mission possible, and our God who called us and kept us safe.

Click here to see pictures from our week.


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