Welcome to Lakewood UMC Global Missions and Outreach

UPDATED: May 2017

We hope that this site will give you a better understanding of LUMC’s Global Missions and Outreach program.  Here you can read short reports and see pictures from recent missions (below), learn about missionaries and mission projects that Lakewood supports (see adjacent page above) , as well as leave your comments to share with others.  Please take a few minutes to look around.  Anyone is welcome to participate in our program by going on missions, providing financial support, prayer partners for missionaries and teams, and more.

The 2017 planned missions are shown below.

  • Disaster Recovery – One day and/or whole week mission to areas in need.  No dates are scheduled at this time.  Contact Jack Aulick for more information. 
  • Kenya – Lakewood will again be sending a team to Kenya from July 5-19, 2017. The team will be supporting the Methodist Church in Kenya and spend time at the Maua Methodist Hospital in Maua Kenya and also at another ministry in Kenya that is yet to be determined. Contact Jack Aulick for more information
  • Costa RicaLakewood will be sending a team to Nicoya, Costa Rica from June 10-18, 2017. The team will be worshipping, fellowshipping, praying, and working with the people of a small Methodist church. Contact Jack Aulick for more information.
  • UMCOR Sager Brown – Lakewood will be sending teams to Sager Brown over the weeks of February 19-24 and November 5-10. Mission teams will travel to Baldwin La. to spend a week at this UMCOR Depot.  The teams will assemble various kits, work in the sewing room, and can also do home repair in the local community.  This is a great opportunity for people to go on a mission that have not tried one before, or that do not want to do construction work.  Sager Brown dates for 2018 will be February 18-23 and November 4-9.  Contact Jack Aulick for more information.
  • Border Area – A Mission Team will be traveling to the border area of Texas to help the GBGM missionary Willie Berman with the ministries included in Manos Juntas.  Activities will include construction, VBS, training kids and adults in various skills, and more.  Dates for 2017 are October 9-14.  Contact Jack Aulick for more information.
  • Bolivia Lakewood may be sending a team to Bolivia to work with a small Methodist Church in Cochabamba.  Dates are not set as of this writing.  Contact Jack Aulick for more information.

Some people do not think that they have the skills to participate on a mission, which is absolutely not true.  A wide variety of skills and types of participation are needed on every mission team.  Many skills needed to make a mission team complete are not construction related, if you want to know more click here. [when the file opens hit ‘F5’]

Thank you for your interest in Lakewood’s Global Outreach program.   If you have questions or would like more information please leave a reply on this blog and I will contact you.

Jack Aulick – Chair

2017 Costa Rica Mission

A Lakewood team returned to the small Methodist Church in Nicoya Costa Rica this summer. The team was again very blessed by the people of Iglesia Metodista Peniel. The team did a ½ day Bible School for children of the church and community on our 1st day in Nicoya, it was wonderful. We started work on Monday morning and helped with several projects at Peniel, all of us were worn out by the end of the week. Each day at Peniel we were treated to amazing ‘home cooked’ meals by ladies from the church, and we shared in play, prayer, singing, worship, and fellowship with congregation members and workers as well. One night we attended worship at another small church in the nearby community of Quiriman and were asked to sing in Spanish, and even got a request for an encore! At the end of work week, we went to beach community of Tamarindo and enjoyed the beautiful sights and a ½ day boat ride as our ‘rest & reflection’ activity.

Once again Iglesia Metodista Peniel’s congregation extended amazing hospitality to each of us. We were blessed. We again thank our families for enabling us to make this mission, Lakewood for prayers and support, and our Great God for watching over us and keeping us safe.  Gloria a Dios!!!

Click here to see pictures from our mission.

Nov. 2016 Sager Brown Mission

During the week of November 5-11, 2016, a team from Lakewood UMC served in the UMCOR Sager Brown facility in Baldwin, LA. Our team of 14 volunteers worked with a total of 75 volunteers, including people from Iowa, Arkansas, Georgia, and Texas. We were hosted by an amazing staff at Sager Brown including two long-term volunteers.

We delivered for Lakewood a donation of heavy fabric from our Prayers & Squares Ministry for sewing into school bags in the sewing room at Sager Brown.  During the week, we worked on Cleaning Buckets, verifying the buckets donated from other churches. We opened all the donated buckets, removed items not on the approved list, rejected buckets with moldy contents, repacked everything, and put onto pallets. When we finished with the donated buckets, we assembled new buckets with new contents. The pallets are shrink-wrapped and ready to ship to places in need. We took back to LUMC some “rejects” of soap, towels, and sponges for use in our LUMC local ministries. The contents of what is shipped overseas are very precise, and everything is put to good use.

We unloaded two big semi-trucks full of boxes of donations collected in the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church (this Conference had a team of 25 there for the week). Also our week there coincided with Food for Families week, so we helped distribute 868 food boxes to seniors and Baldwin residents in need. The Director of Outreach Ministries at Sager Brown (who grew up in Baldwin, and went to school at Sager Brown before UMCOR bought the site) had several off-campus projects for us. We helped at some Head Start facilities and a volunteer construction crew built a disability ramp at a house in Franklin where a grandmother could not come home from the hospital until a ramp was built onto her porch at her home.

Our team worked together, worshipped together, prayed together, and played together (a plantation house tour). Our week was truly one of service, blessings, and joy.

Click here to see pictures from this mission.

2016 Mexico Mission

Lakewood sent a team to the border area to support the Manos Juntas Ministry (MJM) of the Methodist Church of Mexico.  Our team stayed at the MJM facility in Rio Bravo and spent our week at the Community Center in Vamos Tamaulipas that was established by MJM a few years ago.  During the week we were there school was in session and there were 60-70 children around every day.  We were so very blessed by our time in Mexico.

Our week was packed with meeting many sisters and brothers in Mexico, laughing, singing, fellowship, working, playing, praying, and sharing His love.  We worked on putting stucco on exterior walls, installing sheetrock on a ceiling, assembling school desks that were built and donated by a Boy Scout in our congregation, conducting a Bible School for the children, feeding ~200 hotdogs to kids and parents, playing games with the children, general clean up and repairs around the facility, and enjoying delicious authentic Mexican food 3 times every day.

We thank our families and Lakewood for supporting us with encouragement, prayers, finances, etc.  We thank Him who called us, who enabled us, and watched over us while we were away.  Gloria a Dios!!!

Click here to see a few pictures from this mission.

2016 Costa Rica Mission

Lakewood again sent a team of volunteers to support the small Methodist Church in Nicoya, Costa Rica.  The team spent a week with the congregation of this church and families in the surrounding community.  It was a week filled with fellowship, Worship and Praise, hard work, prayer, Bible School for kids, meeting many sisters and brothers within the Body of Christ, team devotions, and more.  All of us were exceedingly blessed by our time in Nicoya

Our work for the week was painting metal grates that were mounted in windows around the sanctuary, painting the metal sub-structure of the 2nd story of an existing building, and adding 6-8” of concrete to an existing floor to raise it up so that new tile could then be installed.  At the end of the work week, we spent a couple of nights in a small town by the Arenal Volcano and did a little white water rafting and relaxing and reflecting on our week.  As is usually the case with missions, we felt enormously blessed by the people of our host church and our time together with them.

It was by His Grace that we were able to be His servants on this mission and Praise Him for the opportunity.  We thank our families and our Lakewood family for support and prayers.  We thank the ‘Yes to The Dress’ ministry of Lakewood for the bandana dresses and necklaces we were able to give to local children.

Gloria a Dios!

Click here to view pictures from the mission.

Flood Relief Mission To Lafayette Louisiana

A small team went to Lafayette to support the flood relief programs managed by the Acadiana District of the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. The team primarily worked on two houses that had been flooded in early August. We so enjoyed our time of work, fellowship, and prayer with the owners of each of these homes. We were blessed in each case by them and were captivated by their faith and how they are relying on Him as they persevere to restore their homes.

The team stayed at a local Methodist church and was treated like royalty, they were so hospitable and all the people we ran into there were extremely friendly and appreciative of our efforts. We were warmly greeted by the Jazzercise class one night, the Praise Band that was rehearsing one night, church staff and members, and the Pastor. Ladies from the church provided us 3 meals a day that was predominantly home cooked local cuisine, and we loved it!

We felt we were surrounded by angels at this church as well as at the homes where we worked. We were blessed by our time in Lafayette. We thank all the loving hearts at Covenant UMC, our families for supporting us as we were away, Lakewood UMC for making this mission possible, and our God who called us and kept us safe.

Click here to see pictures from our week.

2016 Kenya Mission

A group of 11 members of Lakewood traveled to Kenya and were so very BLESSED by our time there.  The team spent a week in Maua Kenya at the Maua Methodist Hospital (MMH), which is an amazing place of ‘miracles’.  The staff at MMH are dedicated servants of God that we saw at work serving the community through physical and spiritual healing.  Our team supported the MMH services through painting a mural on an outside wall of the Children’s Ward, working on an Aid’s Orphans Home, supporting a remote clinic in an outlying area outside of Maua, and supporting the Clark Early Child Development School in Athiru Gaiti.  Our team also visited the Kawangware Methodist Church in Nairobi on a couple of different days, once for a short Bible School for the children and once to attend worship with the congregation.  What a BLESSING our time in Kenya was, yet none of us feel we can adequately tell the story to express our ‘heart felt’ feelings and experiences.

We thank the people of Maua Methodist Hospital and Kawangware Methodist Church for their gracious hospitality.  We thank our families and our Lakewood UMC family for their support, love and prayers.  We thank God for calling us together as a team, for enabling us to make this mission, for watching over us and keeping us safe, and for allowing us to be a small part of His work in Kenya.   To God Be The Glory!!!

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